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ENRBuildtech 2021

ENR (Engineering News Record) – owned by BNP Media is preparing for their major industry event BuildTech March 9th & 10th 2021 in Dallas, Texas. Those in the construction world know ENR’s worldwide weekly publication is THE authority on all things related to the construction industry. This event will focus on accelerating construction projects by bringing together design and build teams in new innovative ways that have already been successful in our current challenging environment. This event is not to be missed!

Industry leaders will share their knowledge concerning the importance of bringing people and processes together. They will share best practices, new technology, and new techniques that can be used during & after the COVID-19 crisis that is facing our society.

As an attendee you will find out about the latest products and services changing the industry, pick up practices you can implement immediately, network with hundreds of your peers, and participate in panel discussions.

Don’t miss out on this spectacular event that is catered to teams, management, & technology all working together for achieving better results. “With everything that has happened in 2020 so far, this event will address several new issues including how to keep your team safe in the office and on the job site, as well as content for MWDBE’s, says Amy Zucchi-Justice, founder of the Karlyn Group, an AEC marketing agency in NYC and the program director for the event.

To find out more about the event, including sponsorship, opportunities and registration, click here.  Entry is TRADE ONLY & not open to the public. You can register as a single attendee or receive a group discount for four or more in your party. Registration prior to November 15, 2020 & also before January 15, 2021 will include additional discounts. If you have questions concerning registering for this event you may contact BuildTech@executiveevents.com or call 844-644-7449.

We look forward to meeting you March 2021 to focus on a prosperous future!

Logos & Branding Matter. Here’s Why!

Logos & Branding Matter. Here’s Why! by Amy Zucchi-JusticeThe look and feel of your company’s brand, logo, and marketing pieces are important.

The construction industry, while known for designing and building as a profession, can often fall short when it comes to their own branding. Often times companies won’t have a fully designed logo, but simply use clip art and some standard type-face on a paper.

Nowadays, your potential clients are paying attention and judging you for your appearance. Logos are using really nice, clean, modern typefaces and less “classic.” If you’ve had the same logo for three generations, you may want to simply modernize it while retaining some of the original elements, or you may want to redesign it. It’s good to review and update the logo and branding materials every five to 10 years. Above all, your branding should be tasteful, attractive, and help your company stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

Event Participation = Marketing Opportunity

Event Participation = Marketing Opportunity by Amy Zucchi-JusticeThere are many types of industry-specific events each year. Getting involved with such an event is a great tactic to help boost your brand, sales, clientele and more.

With so many events, what is the best way to manage it all? How do you choose which ones are best for you and your marketing strategy?

There are conferences, networking events, trade shows, etc. Some are national, some are regional, some are local…it is crucial to find the right kind to attend. In order to make sure that your participation is a productive tool for you and your company, you should: Continue reading

Building a Brand: Online Advertising Tips

Building a Brand: Online Advertising Tips by Amy Zucchi-JusticeOnline advertising can be a very powerful tool for the construction industry. Companies such as Google and Facebook provide a lot of information about how to utilize their online advertising services. However, as these services have expanded and diversified, they have also become a bit complex. Continue reading

Which Social Media is the Right Social Media?

Which Social Media is the Right Social Media? by Amy Zucchi-JusticeIn just a short time, social media sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) have evolved to become crucial tools used by professionals to market their services, build their collaborative networks, and achieve their goals. Thoughtful, strategic use of social media enables construction businesses to highlight their successful projects, showcase their services, and promote their expertise.

At first, the variety of social media options can seem intimidating, but once you familiarize yourself with a few of them, you’ll understand which can be of most help to you. Continue reading

Laying the Groundwork for the Right Website

Laying the Groundwork for the Right Website by Amy Zucchi-JusticeProfessionals in the construction industry are experts at turning ideas into plans and plans into buildings—as well as other projects that are beautiful, useful, and durable. But the old rules about marketing your skills and services have been upended, and it is no longer optional to recognize the role that websites, social media, and smart technology now play in finding your next customers—or in helping your next customers find you.

Does your company have a website?

Continue reading