INSTAGRAM is just a social media site that people post pictures on for fun. WRONG!! While many people do use IG  to post fun pictures of their #currentsituation #sundayfunday or #workflow… you need to use IG to promote your business for FREE!  Here’s some quick facts we found on HOOTESUITE.COM on how you can use Instagram to help YOU.



  • 1 Billion active users
  • 88% users outside Unites States
  • 71% under age 35
  • Even usage among males/females
  • 32% are millennials
  • 22% log in once per day
  • 38% check their IG account multiple times per day
  • 25% of smartphone users have IG
  • 72% U.S. teens use IG which has now surpassed snapchat
  • 91% use Facebook
  • 95% use YOUTUBE
  • 35% adults online use IG
  • 28% of adult users are in the USA
  • All income brackets use IG



  • Over 95 million posts per day
  • 2 Billion posts liked per day
  • 1/3 of most viewed “stories” are from Businesses
  • 60% of users (over 600 million people) seek & discover new products on IG
  • 71% U.S. businesses use IG
  • Over 25 million business profiles on IG
  • 80% of users follow at least one business



  • Decide on your target audience
  • Connect with your audience
  • Stay clear and simple – don’t ramble
  • Entertaining & quality content
  • Promote your IG on other social accounts
  • Use relevant # (hashtags)
  • Create your own hashtag for your brand
  • Try to get your post on the “explore” tab
  • Follow relevant users in your community
  • Follow users with similar interests
  • Follow competitors
  • Test different posting times
  • Use important words first, emojis
  • Ask questions
  • Clear bio & profile
  • Tag relevant users – maybe they “regram” you
  • Tell followers to tag people
  • Always use location so you’re more discoverable
  • Have a contest (ask for follows, likes, or repost)
  • Use IG stories to skip the algorithm feed
  • Relate your posts to current events
  • Engage daily
  • Post daily
  • Respond to comments daily on your page & other pages

INSTAGRAM is a terrific way to get your business out to the world with very minimal investment – except for time. Many companies already have a profitable client base & don’t have time to maintain an Instagram account on a daily basis. It’s basically an added bonus to what you are already doing. Sure you could “purchase” followers to get more “likes” but is that the audience you really want & will they turn into customers? Want a little guidance on how to get your Instagram Account up and running? Contact the Karlyn Group!

The Karlyn Group is a full service marketing & sales firm that is available to assess your business and growth needs. Whether you need guidance with social media, event planning, marketing & branding or website design & development, we will customize a plan to bring your business to the next level! Check out some of our work and contact us to set up a free consultation.








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